Cross-country carnage

The Dinos cross-country squad tied up their sneakers for a race down in Mr. George W. Bush’s promised land. Okay, it was Spokane, but the Dinos teams collected some hardware to sneak back through customs.

The women’s team dominated the field, sealing the competition in a plastic bag and leaving them to suffocate. They placed six ladies in the top 10, and nine in the top 20. These astounding results kept competitors’ scores well over double the Dinos’ 22-point total.

Shannon Popowich and Lindsay Winter were a one-two punch and Renee Kaylor and Shauna Skinner came shortly thereafter in fifth and sixth. Rounding out the top 10 were Emily Stevenson and Sheena Stares in eighth and 10th respectively.

Hilary Johnston, Laura Bennett and Kim Ball ran to glory as well, placing 11th, 17th and 19th respectively.

On the men’s side, Geoff Kerr was the only Dino to break the top 10, taking the race with the ease of dropping courses during midterms. Travis Saunders, Stewart Aune, Sean Van der Lee and Neal Austin were 12th, 14th, 19th and 20th respectively.

These results bumped the men up, or back, to second place, depending on where you feel they started.

The cross-country’ers next challenge comes in the form of the Stewart Cup. Stewie will bring the mug to Edmonton, where both men’s and ladies’ teams will compete for it Sat., Oct. 29.

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