Take your next course in Mexico

By Angee Johal

Study sessions on the beach? Yes please.

The University of Calgary’s Department of Sociology and Credit Travel Study program is offering sociology classes to U of C students in Colima, Mexico this summer. The program is open to students from all faculties, with Sociology 201 and a decent GPA being the only prerequisites. The program runs for six weeks this summer, from May 15 to June 22, 2006, and offers three half-credit sociology courses. Being one of the less expensive credit travel programs – costing approximately $5,600 – sociology professor Dr. Bruce Arnold argued the cost should be weighed against the benefits of going.

“This is not a tourist destination,” said Arnold. “The intent is to live and breathe real Mexican culture.”

Classes are offered free of charge to locals in order to get a real Mexican perspective on issues discussed. Classes will be held in interesting environments outside of the traditional classroom setting.

There are 20 positions available and Arnold stressed different learning environments can change people for the better.

“The experience of going there and being welcomed allows you to learn about who you are and your potential,” he said.

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