Apathy on the rise, no one cares

By James Michi

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Kudos to all 100 students who attended the SU’s October 20th forum with Minister of Advanced Education Dave Hancock. Shame on the over 24,000 students who felt that it wasn’t worth their time.

What does it take to get people to care about the issues that affect them most directly? I have to wonder what the deal is with the thousands of students who passively spent their lunch hour not holding Hancock’s feet to the fire. Even if asking questions in front of cameras isn’t your thing, a little solidarity in attendance would’ve gone a long way to uphold the credibility of the students here at the U of C.

As a result of the poor turnout, however, many of the media who attended simply glossed over the Q & A and instead focused their coverage on the apathy of the non-participants (thousands of whom lined the food court trying desperately to ignore the voices of their fellow students).

Perhaps in the future the SU needs to be more diligent in communicating to students just how important it is that we at least fill the seats for these types of events. But sometimes I wonder whether all the awareness in the world could even motivate the students on this campus to give a shit. Let’s hope Political Action Week leaves a different taste in our mouths.

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