SU View: CRB resurrected, talk to your SU in a trashy environment

By Joel Lockwood

After a year of near silence, the Campus Recycling Board is back, but it might not be for very long. Now, don’t drop your soy burger, the Students’ Union now more than ever is committed to initiating eco-friendly initiatives, as well as encouraging the students of the university to live in harmony with good old mother nature.

But we’re ready to tackle larger challenges than just plain recycling, and it’s time that the name of the CRB reflects this. We’re working on a number of projects that will increase the environmental efforts of the Students’ Union and their exposure to the student population. One of these projects is to diversify the name of the CRB to match the diverse scope of environmental issues today on campus and in Calgary. Expect to hear and see much more about this board in the coming months.

To celebrate the reinstitution of the CRB, we’re going out this Saturday to clean-up a portion of Highway one, just east of Chestermere. All students are invited; please sign up on the sheet in the Students’ Union offices before Friday. Perhaps more important than the blown tires and long since discarded Pilsner cans that we’ll pick up together is the feedback that CRB members like myself will hopefully be able to pick up from interested students.

After all, we were elected to represent you: what do you want the SU’s environmental priorities to be? Perhaps you have some good ideas for us–please come share them.

If you can’t make it this weekend but are still interested in environmental issues on campus, email me, I’d love to talk.

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