Spun: Disturbed

By Logan Niehaus

“They fucking suck” or “I really like these guys” are about the only two responses you hear in regards to the inventive rock group Disturbed. In all reality, people either like or outright hate their approach of exaggerated guitar solos, sub-par lyrics and raspy growling vocals. With their latest release, Ten Thousand Fists, much changed, while at the same time, a lot has stayed the same.

Improved writing, a cleaner sound and the definite focus missing in other albums have shown the band is willing to work at their flaws. Fists is easily their strongest offering to date, with songs like “Deify” and “Decadence” a being perfect examples of how the hard work put into Fists has paid off.

One of the most respected things a band can do is make adjustments based on criticism and produce something worthwhile, rather than ignore why they have been struggling and throw the same garbage back with every new album. By no means is Fists perfect, but it proves Disturbed can change. It will not disappoint old or new fans alike.

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