STIC it to ’em

By Stephanie Shewchuk

Students in search of a unique opportunity to learn more about the business world need look no further than the Student Technology Innovation Challenge. The STIC, a newly founded business plan competition with a speaker series component, is aimed at promoting the entrepreneurial skills of those involved in technology development.

After specializing in cancer research in graduate school, founder Jordan Cowan discovered there were few options for those wanting to explore technology and innovation in the business arena.

“I started the STIC as a seminar series for students, in order to help develop entrepreneurial skills and give them the resources to actually start a company,” he said.

The STIC gives all post-secondary students exposure to speakers from multiple disciplines and the opportunity to formulate their own business plans, with the chance to have their plans realized if chosen by the review committee.

The winner will receive $10,000 in cash and approximately $70,000 in services and resources to start their own company concerned with innovation and technological advances.

Cowan emphasized the winners will be selected for their focus on technological development.

“We didn’t want another college painting company,” he explained.

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