Spun: Blink-182

By Logan Niehaus

Blink 182 helped create a surge in pop-punk’s popularity and are now adored by thousands of screaming girls. From Chershire Cat to their self-titled final album, the band has entertained audiences for years. Now with all of the boys going off and starting their precious families, they have released what could be their final offering, Greatest Hits.

Like most best of albums, you get the one or two big hits from each album they’ve produced. The most deserving songs from each album were chosen but, unfortunately, we have heard them all. Apart from two unremarkable bonus songs, there is little to send you on a mad burst to the local Best Buy.

Most diehard Blink fans will already have all these songs on the past albums and anyone else probably won’t care. If you haven’t purchased any of their other offerings it may be worth it but otherwise save your cash for something you don’t have.

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