Midterm Review: Golf

By Sean Nyilassy


Neither the men nor ladies had a particularly strong showing at the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference South Regional Playoffs, but pulled up their socks for the ACAC Championship. On the men’s side, Mark Rice shot a par 144 to win the tournament. On the ladies side, all three Dinos placed in the top 10. Karla Gustafson was best in third.


The Dinos showed their valiance by leaving an im-par-fect regional playoff round behind to reduce their stroke tallies for provincials. They came back to beat teams that didn’t see them coming after their performance at regionals.


Ryan Anderson coached the Dinos just as one would hope. He helped them improve on results from their first meet. If promoting improvement isn’t a coaches job, what is? Yelling?


The men won their provincial championship, with Dinos placing fourth and eighth behind Rice to secure the win. The ladies, on the other hand, managed second. They narrowed the gap between themselves and the Mount Royal College team that brought them down at regionals while placing all three ladies on the team in the top 10.

Overall: B

Animal: The Darwinian fish. Millions of years ago, they flopped about on the beach, gills gasping for air. But thanks to evolutionary processes, they developed lungs and sprouted legs, eventually becoming successful.

Alternatively, one may compare them with a husky. Sure they’re good at pulling sleds across vast plains of snow and ice, but really, why would a dog ever want to perform such a task? The golf team may be pretty good at golf, but that isn’t going to help them on assignments or exams. It’s just something cool to say they’re good at. Good job huskies, you just dragged some humans from where no humans live to another place no humans live. Yay!

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