SU Midterm Review: Intro

By Gauntlet

It’s not our intention to needlessly harm reputations, but it is our intention to report to the student body how the Students’ Union executive is working.

We looked at four major areas: How the President and each Vice-President works with and utilizes their commission, how SU progress so far matches individual campaign pledges, ways each have gone above and beyond, and things they would/could improve.

Each executive member was invited for a short interview with a Gauntlet panel consisting of News Editor Chris Beauchamp, Editor-in-Chief, Dale Miller, News Assistant Emily Senger and Production Editor Adam Berti.

Commissioners and other SU members, such as faculty representatives were solicited for their opinions about the executive cabinet they deal with every day. They are the people who work closest with the executive, and their opinions ensure a much fairer process than anything the Gauntlet could do on our own. All input was received through email, and all communication was kept strictly confidential.

Both excessive criticism and praise were taken with a grain of salt. Broader concerns or co mpliments were followed up on in each interview, and responses were taken into consideration in the following reviews.

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