The Process

Each candidate was invited into the room and seated in front of our editorial panel. They were told that they would have two minutes of free speech time to introduce themselves and state why they are running for the position and why students should vote for them.

This was followed by a structured question period where candidates were asked a series of standardized questions by a member of our panel. This was followed by a free question period in which all other members of our panel could ask the candidates any question.

Responses were limited to one minute per question for all candidates and all questions. The entire process was restricted to 15 minutes, after which the panel privately discussed each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

All candidates were asked to submit platforms and pertinent qualifications. These were considered in the review process. All candidate reviews were written and compiled taking into account the views and input of the entire panel.

The editorial opinions within this supplement were limited to the six panel members who conducted the interviews.

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