Report Card: Wrestling

By John Leung Chung-Yin


The pool of talent that the Dinos have in their arsenal is unquestionable. The Dinos recognized three wrestlers this year. Brit Laverdure, the top female in her weight class in Canada, was named University of Calgary Female Athlete of the Year while Joe Bentley, who also won his weight class at nationals, was a runner up in the men’s category. And with the likes of Canada West Championship Female Rookie of the Meet and U of C Rookie of the Year runner up Leah Callahan on the roster, the lineup will still be competitive for a few years to come.


Day-in and day-out, they’ve impressed with their attitude and hard work. The Canada West and CIS personal titles are a testament to their work.


Led by Olympic-calibre, CW-decorated coach Mitch Ostberg and his team, they’ve stayed competitive for a long time in a difficult conference. For a town that ain’t big enough for two sheriffs, Mitch has kept the team tugging for that star badge.


So maybe it was their home arena and everything, but finishing second to the Simon Fraser University Clan in both the men and women’s divisions will burn for a while. The women losing the national title to SFU again would hurt even more, but at least they went down fighting both times­–in the end that’s all that counts.

Overall: A

Animal: Tiger. Sure they like sleeping, but every once in a while they get up and kill something to eat for dinner.

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