It’s the final four countdown

By Jon Roe

After two weeks of tournament, it’s finally come down to the final four. It’s been a pretty vanilla tournament, with few upsets. In three of the four regions, the elite eight match-ups were of the top two seeds. Beyond Duke getting dropped by VCU in the opening round, the biggest upset was Wisconsin failing to make it past UNLV.

Our experts did fairly well this past week. Only poor Amanda Hu has no teams left. I am rocking the house with three correct of the final four teams, Ryan Pike has two final four teams left, and Jeff Clemens has one.

Though underdogs are always exciting to watch, and to cheer for, the lack of them doesn’t mean the final four won’t be exciting. There are four talented, first-rate teams with two exciting match-ups.

Florida’s path to another national title goes through UCLA, the team that they beat for last year’s crown. Seven-footer Buckeye Greg Oden matches up with Hoyas’ seven-footer Roy Hibbert.

In the end, all that matters to me is that I win the bracket pools I’m a part of. Go Gators go!

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