Campus Security hijinks

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Chartwells unintentionally aided small-time crime around Calgary, a student assaulted his partner when a project went wrong, and Bermuda Shorts Day came off without a hitch in the April Campus Security report.

A Chartwells van was stolen from the Dining Centre loading dock and subsequently used as a veritable battering ram, driving through the walls of various businesses in “smash and grab” break-ins throughout the city.

Demonstrating the dangers of assigning group projects, a student was assaulted by a group partner when a dispute arose concerning the marks attained in a class assignment.

“There was a disagreement as to how their final project should look,” said Campus Security director Lanny Fritz. “The disagreement ended up with one person being assaulted.”

Of course, the biggest security concern going into the month of April was BSD, but the actual event provided little trouble for security. The only significant incident involved a woman who had drunk too much and required attention by paramedics. She was deemed well enough to be released into the custody of her sister after a short period under paramedic care.

“[BSD] was very successful, we had a minimum amount of problems,” said Fritz. “Basically its success can be attributed to the Students’ Union, who organized the event extremely well. The SU brought in 40 of its staff members and we also had Calgary Police Services supporting our security function. [There were also] extra overtime Campus Security officers that we had working the event.”

There were two incidents of fire alarms going off in residence last month. The first took place in Kananaskis Hall and resulted from fireworks being set off in the second-floor lobby of that building. The second occurred in Castle Hall as housekeeping staff were cleaning an oven. This type of innocuous fire alarm occurs quite regularly. The Calgary Fire Department attended each incident.

“From people that overcook things in microwaves or overcook things on stoves, we probably get about one fire alarm a month,” said Fritz. “Usually it’s just smoke.”

Certainly the most troubling incident Campus Security responded to was when a female was accosted by a lone male in a lewd manner.

“A female student who was reading something on the bulletin board was approached by a male who began to undo his pants,” said Fritz. “The victim immediately turned around and began to walk away with the suspect momentarily following her. She went to a safe place and sought assistance with fellow students and reported the incident to Campus Security. Campus Security responded and circled the area and Calgary Police attended, they were unable to locate the suspect. As a result of this information Campus Security circulated a security alert.”

Campus Security received a report of an individual with a gun at the Interpol concert in MacEwan Hall. Fortunately, it turned out to be a belt buckle in the shape of a gun.

“When we got that report, it caused us some concern,” said Fritz. “[The individual] was advised not to wear the belt buckle to any future concerts.”

Campus Security also made a point of reminding cyclists to ensure they are navigating campus at an appropriate speed, especially when passing pedestrians with the increased bike traffic in summer months.

April saw 165 calls at a cost of $25,953, down from 176 calls in March, which resulted in $26, 702 in expenses.

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