Spun: Kanye West

By Jeff Clemens

On his third album, Kanye has done what many of us should do and graduated. After producing his first two stellar albums, Kanye has come back with his best effort to date. This album gives the man with the biggest ego in music a reason to gloat. The bragging is not just because he’s produced an amazing album but also because he’s managed to do what everyone thought was impossible, beating 50 Cent in album sales. This put Kanye on top and effectively silenced his rival in both solo rapping and bragging.

The first single from the album is possibly the most interesting and entertaining collaboration combining electronic masters Daft Punk with some of Kanye’s best rhymes. The quality of the production on this album shows why Kanye

is at the top of the rap game. In a rare move Kanye shows a humble side in the song “Big Brother” in which he bows out to Jay-Z the man who gave him his big chance. While Kanye shows on the album that he is extremely competent on his own, it is the featuring artists that make this album a masterpiece. Keeping himself as the center of attention, Kanye uses artists such as T-Pain and Coldplay’s Chris Martin to strengthen an already strong album.

On this third album, Kanye comes back with his best work yet. This is Kanye’s version of the Chronic, only hopefully unlike the Dre he will follow this up with something even better. Kanye has managed to prove who the real “Wanksta” is.

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