Another weekend, another loss

By Amanda Hu

The University of Calgary field hockeyasauruses got plowed into the turf again as they admitted defeat against the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds Oct. 6 and 7.

Saturday’s game resulted in a disappointing 5-1 loss for the Dinos. The T-Birds were very offensively dominant throughout the first half, with Calgary’s players noticeably struggling to keep up.

UBC’s Laura Dowling was on fire all game long, breaking the scoring threshold at nine minutes with a penalty shot. Devon Bromley led the charge further for the team, speeding down the left wing and scoring on Dinos’ goalkeeper Brianna Strong, leaving the team up two by at halftime.

The second half was much like the first, as the T-Birds pounded on the Dinos. Through the first 12 minutes, UBC downed three goals in the Dinos’ net, with Dowling scoring her second of the game at 37 minutes and Samantha Smith profiting off chaos in front of the Dinos’ Strong at 40 minutes. The third goal of the set and fifth of the game for the T-Birds came after Elise Milosovich made a winning shot, despite the Dinos’ fresh goalie Keegan Stewart taking over the net from Strong.

Calgary’s only goal of the game came from Kaitlin Longworth, which was her second goal of the season.

The second game of the set saw another loss for the Dinos, though with an improved margin due to some noticeable offensive improvement. T-Bird Katie MacPherson claimed the only point for the day at 11 minutes in the second of two short corner opportunities for the team. A scoring stalemate ensued after MacPherson’s goal, with both teams asserting fairly even strength and limiting scoring opportunities on both sides.

The Dinos took some control in the second half, taking a four-on-one opportunity to make a goal at the net. T-Bird goalkeeper Katie Graham foiled the effort, making the game her second shutout of the season. With that, the score settled at 1-0 for the victorious Thunderbirds.

“We just need to learn how to put the ball in the net,” said head coach Jenn Swagar. “It’s a skill that we’re still learning.”

Swagar added the team needs to focus on doing what they practice during the games.

“We reverted to bad habits and our basics broke down today,” she added.

Despite the losses, the team is still hopeful.

“We were pleased with the 1-0 result,” said Dinos captain Claire Hewson. “We are finally just realizing our potential.”

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