Spun: Foo Fighters

By Jeff Clemens

A busy Dave Grohl means good news for all music lovers. Despite playing alongside bands like Nine Inch Nails and Tenacious D, Grohl has found time with the Foo Fighters to make a fantastic new album, Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace. The fifth album of all-new Foo Fighter fare goes back to all the different styles that make up the band. It seems as though finally speaking about the death of Kurt Cobain, combined with his new fatherhood, has allowed Grohl to go back to the sound that made him famous.

The whole album is strong, filled with the signature rock sound that has come to be expected from the Foo Fighters. Managing to combine the elements of their previous albums, the Foo Fighters almost seem to be multiple bands producing one cohesive effort. They manage to go from a folk sound on “Stranger Things Have Happened” to producing a southern-rock sounding “Summers End.” The best example of the variations on this album is “Let It Die,” starting off in a slow acoustic style and eventually evolving into a full-on rockfest.

Showing their many sides the Foo Fighters produce one of their best efforts to date and an album that is enjoyable from start to end. Combining all their best elements, this album showcases the staying power of this talented and varied band.

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