Spun: Six Feet Under

By Derek Neumeier

For all those who can’t get enough bland, unimaginative and ridiculously over-the-top death metal with Cannibal Corpse alone, Six Feet Under’s ninth disc in 12 years, Commandment, is now out for your added lobotomy displeasure.

It stands to wonder why this band still makes records, considering their musical progression moves at a snail’s pace. This CD sounds exactly the fucking same as previous Six Feet Under albums, so much so that a gold star should be awarded to anyone who can distinguish between them. The monotone death growls, repetitive guitar riffs and formulaic double-bass create 40 minutes of music that is so horribly boring you’ll begin to envy the comatose. Anything that breaks the pace, such as a differently timed chorus or guitar solo, comes too sparingly to make much difference.

If there’s anything at all redeeming about this disc, it’s how laughably silly the lyrics are. All the stereotypical death metal topics, including murder, demons, and graveyards are present and accounted for but instead of being intimidating come off as funny, especially in the tracks “Thou Shall Kill” and “Zombie Executioner.” Considering no one from Six Feet Under has actually killed anyone, lyrics like “bodies hanging from hooks/ they decay and I fuck them as maggots feed/ the corpse has rotted quickly” are too absurd to be taken seriously, creating comedic relief instead.

In the end Commandments provides mindless headbanging music, but if this sort of garbage is your thing then Six Feet Under ate your brain a long time ago.

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