Dinos Report Card: men’s soccer

By Amanda Hu

Talent: The team was plagued with a large number of rookie-related blunders that seemed to keep them from organizing a cohesive winning strategy. Fifth-years Brian McDonnell and Matthew Deeprose demonstrated the team’s most noticeable strengths, keeping some balls out of the net and leading successful offensive attempts, respectively.

Effort: The team seemed unable to meld themselves into a proper soccer fighting squad all season. Midway through the season, the team was left scrambling to make the playoffs, but didn’t seem to put in the extra ooomff needed to make those extra wins.

Coaching: Andy Gibbs has been with the team for nearly two decades and has likely seen many, many ups and downs for the soccersaurs. Despite–or possibly, because of–this, Gibbs seemed resigned to the fact that the team had too many rookies to be effective this season and spent all of 2007 biding his time.

Achievement: The soccersaurs admittedly got the short end of the stick, having to battle it out against powerhouses Trinity Western in their playoff-deciding, second-last game. Missing the playoffs by two wins is still better than most thought they could achieve after their poor showing early in the season.

Grade: Dimetrodon

Fun facts: A rookie of the dinosaurs, it was more related to mammals than their scaly-covered cousins and lived long before most well-known dinos roamed the earth.

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