SU View: Clubs, your ticket to awesometown!

By Fraser Stuart

Looking to meet some new people on campus? Having trouble convincing strangers on the bus to join you in the pursuit of your favourite hobby? Starting to get the feeling you are the only person in the western world in your program? The answer to these and many other worries may be solved in joining a Students’ Union club on campus.

Now you may be thinking, “What kind of SU clubs are on campus?” Well, the simple answer is every kind of club you can imagine, from academic clubs that can help you in your studies to special interest and hobby clubs that bring people together who have the same interests to faith based religious clubs that provide services right on campus.

To get to see these many different kinds of clubs you can do two things. Check out Clubs Week (Jan. 21-25), which is just wrapping up in MacHall, where clubs have booked tables to display their unique services and activities. If you are reading this after Clubs’ Week (which is a very real possibility) then your best bet to get all the info about clubs is to check out the SU Clubs website by going to the SU website and clicking the Clubs beehive on the left side of the page. Get involved, have some fun!

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