SU View: Funding Support for Academic Competitions

By Fraser Stuart

The Academic Competition Support Program is a new and innovative Students’ Union initiative funded through Quality Money. The goal of the program is to enhance the student experience by providing an opportunity to apply and showcase academic talents in a competitive environment. It also aims to enhance the University of Calgary’s profile in the post-secondary academic arena in Canada and around the world. This initiative will provide more interested students and faculties the opportunity to host or attend a diverse range of academic competitions. Through these competitions, students will hone their skills and gain pride in representing their school while engaging in teamwork and cooperative learning experiences.

The Academic Competition Program will provide support to full or part-time undergraduate students, groups, or sanctioned clubs. To qualify for Academic Competition Support, the competition must be related to the students’ academic course of study. Competitions that are part of a credit program of instruction are not eligible for Academic Competition Support.

The maximum Academic Competition support grant the Students’ Union can approve is $1,500 for a group or sanctioned Students’ Union club or $300 for an individual. The fund is intended to assist in covering expenses incurred in attending or hosting an academic competition, including and limited to delegate fees, delegation fees, competition materials, venue expenses and travel expenses.

Application forms are available at the Students’ Union office. For more information please visit our website at

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