The curious case of the missing McNuggets

By Rhiannon Kirkland

After being told that McDonald’s was out of McNuggets, Latreasa Goodman, a woman from Fort Pierce, Florida, became angry and called 911 three times to report what she believed was an emergency. She has been asked to appear in court for improper use of 911.

Goodman was upset because she was told that McDonald’s was out of McNuggets and she would not be able to get a refund for her order. She was asked to order something else off the menu, but refused to do so. She became irate and called 911.

There is a time and place to call 911 and this was not one of those times. No crime was being committed, no one was dying or injured. Goodman claimed that having her money taken from her (by not giving her a refund) constituted an emergency. She seems to have been confused as to what an emergency is. They have laws to discourage abuse and prank calls for a reason, so that emergency services can deal with real emergencies and people in need of help.

Goodman should have been able to get a refund or a voucher when McDonald’s were out of the product that she wanted. McDonald’s apologized to Goodman as it is their regular policy to offer the option of a refund if they’re out of a product, but the cashier in question didn’t know about this policy. It can be hard to cover everything in training, but managers should make these policies known to staff. Goodman will be receiving a refund and a voucher for McNuggets in the mail.

Goodman had a point, but her behaviour was completely over the top. She acted immature and calling 911 was ridiculous. McNuggets are tasty, but they’re not good enough to commit a crime for.

A recording of the 911 call has been posted on YouTube under the title McNuggets 911.

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