Erotic resort: tales of lust in Mexico

By Lesley-ann Barrett

If you’ve not been able to experience the energy and adventure of an all-inclusive vacation yet, I suggest that you start saving for next year. The market offers vacationers an assortment of packages to choose from that will fulfill any desire. I recently visited a specifically adults only resort. When my partner suggested it, I did some research and thought it could be a lot of fun for the open-minded or the single. I got in touch with the resort and they met with me for a tour and history while there.

The company, Original Resorts, offers four different themes from family oriented to full-out partner swapping; I thought I was in the swap resort at first and I have to say I don’t share well. It turned out we were staying in Desire, an adults-only, topless (in restricted areas), sexy fun place for anyone from age 21 to 81.

I would recommend the resort to anyone who is not a jealous person. The nightly entertainment includes a casino night with fake chips and the only way you can get more is if you take off your top. There is a karaoke contest and of course what sexy resort doesn’t have some pole and lap dancing for the guests.

The food is above average with different buffet offerings daily. Included in your price is the choice to make reservations at any of the five restaurants. I highly encourage trying them all. In the day by the sexy pool, the only place where being topless is allowed, they have belly dancing classes, yoga and a new contest for the guests everyday that usually involves drinking if you lose.

Every room is decorated in contemporary furniture, with sexy red lighting on the wall and nightstands. The rooms admittedly have a humid, musty feel, however, there is air conditioning and hey, you’re in balmy Mexico right by the ocean. When you’ve had too much sun you can cozy up with Mr./Mrs. Right/Right Now and enjoy your choice of the two free porn stations. This resort works to ensure your orgasms at Temptation are never forgotten. Temptation is an arousing resort that can make anyone feel sexy– and a little horny too.

This is a vacation for those that crave romance, fun and erotica, all at a great price (less than $1,300 per person). The resort has a motto that you can hear the guests shouting, “Nobody knows you and nobody gives a shit!” These are words to live by when you escape your everyday life and slip into your idea of fantasy. Give this place the chance to turn you on, you will not be disappointed.

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