Spun: Flo Rida

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

The most surprising aspect of Flo Rida’s new album is also the greatest municipal accountant’s anthem ever penned. “Mind On My Money,” the eighth track on this 13-song sophomore disc, will inspire waves of euphoric Friday night sing-a-longs for the City’s financial department as they hack along with the chorus while prepping for the club: “Mind on my money, money on my mind / Trying to stack paper, counting every little dime / Down to the penny, holla if you hear me / I do it for the streets, yeah, I do it for the city.”

Other than that, this album doesn’t break any new ground — unless you count sampling inexplicable ’90s hit “Blue (Da Ba Dee).” Flo Rida attracts a range of a-listers to collaborate on the album, including the ubiquitous Akon appearance on “Available,” and, though it is well-produced and sounds good, it ultimately lacks the unique signature of greatness. There are a few songs striving for something deeper than rhymes about women and money, but not nearly enough to separate this album from the rest of the genre over the last few years.

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