The down-low on the punk rock dentist

By Mike Tofin

Drummer Jordan Burns, and Strung Out are punk rock legends. From music, to motocross, to the inside line on great dentistry, these stallions of the punk subculture are ready to run their cavalry straight through Alberta, guns blazing.

Their first stop is in Edmonton to see their newly coined, and much adored, punk rock dentist.

“His name is Dr. Bob Deddley,” plugs Burns. “Basically he is one of the nicest guys ever. He actually just got in touch with us and offered free dentistry work. Every time we roll through town, he offers up his services. He actually contacted us. He is a super good dude and I highly recommend him.”

Burns further explained that for these old war horses of the punk scene, having some free dentistry really pays off.

“Everybody is going to get something done,” says Burns. “I need a root canal, Jason [Alexander Cruz; vocals] needs a cavity filled, Jake [Ira Kelley; guitar] needs his wisdom teeth pulled and Rob [Ramos; guitar] needs his teeth cleaned. Which is sweet, ’cause, I don’t know what it’s like [in Canada], but down here it’s pretty expensive to get that stuff done.”

Of course, for such sterling work, the group want to compensate Dr. Deddley. The good doctor of dentistry refuses their goods, though. Truly, he is the punk rock dentist.

“We offer him free CD’s and T-shirts and he’s like, ‘No, no, no, I can’t take those’ and it’s like ‘what are you talking about?’” says Burns.

Edmonton’s own punk rock dentist even has a Good Riddance tattoo.

Strung Out hit up the MacEwan Ballroom Sat., May 16 at 8 p.m.

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