Spun: Lady Sovereign

By ├ćndrew Rininsland

British grime MC Lady Sovereign is back with her second album, Jigsaw. Much more melodic than 2006’s Public Warning, Jigsaw lacks the clever-yet-abrasive vocals of Sovereign’s prior effort, leaving what is in all respects a merely average hip-hop album.

That’s not to say it’s all bad. “Student Union” brings back some of what made her last album so good and the Cure-sampled “So Human” is pretty catchy. Opening track “Let’s Be Mates” seems to be the album’s most likely song to chart, while the hard electro backing of “Pennies” redeems what is otherwise a fairly boring song. “I Got You Dancing” just might do what its name implies.

That said, the longer “Food Play” is simply unlistenable. It’s comparable to sticking an electric drill in your ear canal, with similar effect on one’s sanity. “Guitar” is slow and uninteresting, as is the titular “Jigsaw.”

Def Jam and Island unceremoniously dropped the S-O-V after her last album, resulting in this one’s independent release on Sovereign’s own label, Midget Records. Fans can only hope she’ll find some better producers for her next effort, because despite some bright spots, this Jigsaw is certainly missing some crucial pieces.

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