Spun: Dirty Projectors

By Andy Williams

After Brooklyn-based Dirty Projectors showcase performances at SXSW, the music blogosphere began buzzing about their latest LP, Bitte Orca. While not a new phenomenon for the band — previous albums have received critical praise — they have failed to attract a large following. Orca, though, is an accessible masterpiece, one which will inevitably attract the audience and acclaim that the Projectors deserve.

The album is short, clocking in at just over 41 minutes and spanning nine tracks. This fact doesn’t limit the diversity or effectiveness of Orca. The Projectors have managed to create an album that varies greatly in style, but is consistently entertaining. The poppy, feel good sound of “Temecula Sunrise” gives way to the R&B beat and Amber Coffman vocals which fuel “Stillness is the Move.” The title of the album is derived from the chorus of the midway point in the album, “Useful Chamber.” “Chamber” is definitely the peak of this classic-in-the-making. A dizzy synth line lays the foundation for Dave Longstreth’s neurotic guitar and quavering vocals, backed by Coffman and Angel Deradoorian.

After “Useful Chamber,” the album trails off a little, but only in comparison to the fantastic preceeding tracks. Even then, Orca proves to be a fascinating, rewarding listen which should take the Brooklynites into the musical consciousness of many fans.

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