Spun: The Perms

By Savannah Hall

The Perms new album Keeps You Up When You’re Down does the exact opposite — it keeps you down when you’re up. It’s a shout-out to those who grew up with braces and glasses that were to big for their faces.

Keep You Up is the kind of music featured on teeny bopper movies like 10 Things I Hate About You which über geeks would watch and w­ish their life was like. Meanwhile, the tune of this annoying garage band has somehow become the new soundtrack to their life.

Yes the band can bash some musical notes together. Yes, the singer’s voice isn’t horrible. But that doesn’t mean each of the band members can do their own thing in the same room and make it sound good.

Keep You Up is a very generic compilation of songs. There’s nothing special at all about these songs. They all sound like something that has come before. This kind of musical recylcing doesn’t lend itself well to this genre because this style of garage-rock wasn’t good in the first place.

Keep You Up does have one use — it could lend itself to a good sing-a-long. It’s easy to remember the lyrics, because they are extremely simple and rhyme. Thankfully, the singing is pretty slow and not out of range of the average person — otherwise there would be no redeeming qualities.

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