Fall federal election on the brink

By Tristan Taylor

A fall federal election seems immanent as Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff proposes triggering an election at the earliest possible date this fall.

Ignatieff spoke to a crowd of supporters Tuesday in Sudbury, Ont.

“You’ve failed to protect the most vulnerable, you’ve failed to create jobs, you’ve failed to defend our health care, you’ve failed to restore our public finances,” he said, referring to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government’s performance over the past four years, according to the CBC.

MP Bob Rae said that they would present the confidence motion at the first available opportunity, Oct. 1.

Ignatieff criticized Harper for not dealing with the recession properly.

“We cannot support this government any further,” Ignatieff said Tuesday. “After four years of drift, four years of denial, four years of division, four years of discord, Mr. Harper, your time is up.”

In retaliation, Harper spoke out saying that Canadians do not want another election.

Throughout the summer’s parliamentary break, there was much speculation on whether or not there would be a fall election. Such speculation was dismissed, however, Aug. 19 by Ignatieff’s spokesperson Jill Fairbrother.

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