Throw in your vote, SU byelection approaches

By Sarelle Azuelos

If you feel like making two students very happy — or four students rather sad — don’t forget to vote in next week’s Students’ Union byelection.

The byelection, which runs Tuesday through Thursday next week, will fill vacancies for an Operations and Finance commissioner and Schulich School of Engineering faculty representative. Three students, Hardave Birk, Mitchell Bundy and Matt McMillan, are running for the commissioner position in the hopes of having some input in the SU’s financial future. Another three, Mason Hender, Nguyen Vien and Jeremy Zhao, are vying for the chance to give engineers a voice in the Students’ Academic Assembly. Candidate profiles are on the SU website.

The general student body will be able to vote for the commissioner race, but only engineering students can vote for both. Polling stations will be set up in MacEwan Student Centre and Social Sciences.

Faculty representative positions for kinesiology, law, social work and veterinary medicine only received one nomination, and so have already been awarded.

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