Spun: Hugh Dillon

By Alicia Ward

Works Well With Others has everything listeners need in a day: love, hate, carefree dancing and mellow tracks. Hugh Dillon, who wrote all the songs on Works Well, is clearly a budding lyrical genius. His lyrics offer straight to-the-point stories with just enough artistic flare to make a perfect listening experience.

This album is not musically showy, but modest and entirely catchy. Particularly ear-pleasing is one of the slower tracks on the CD, “Lucky,” a tune with a simple, easy going, almost country guitar that helps focus on Dillon’s voice and lyrics, which are the true strengths of the album.

The second track, “Sentimental Me,” sounds almost identical to the first, “Friends of Mine.” This happens throughout the album, the repetitive guitar leading to altogether too similar songs. Dillon redeems himself just in time for “Bottom of A Dream.” This, along with a few others, does not have the easy lyrical believability of the rest, offering amateurish emotionality which is hard to listen to. Hopefully this will fade with time as Dillon continues to expand musically, he could easily be the next big thing.

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