Spun: Patrick Brealey

By Alicia Ward

Country music enthusiasts with a hankering to hear some banjo need to pick up Patrick Brealey’s album Mercury in Songbirds. From high tempo songs perfect for hoedowns to bluesy hip shakers, this album covers all the country music bases.

“My End of The Deal” starts with a strong banjo lick renewing a country music appreciation. The foot tapping doesn’t stop there, continuing in “I Don’t Want To Hear Another Love Song.” By averting soppy country music “I Don’t Want To Hear Another Love Song” compels the listener to throw on some snakeskin boots for a two step.

Brealey also expands his country tunes offering a rock feel near the end of the album with “A Little On The Side.” Patrick Brealey’s voice is devoid of a twang, making the quirky “Some Days Aren’t Very Good” even more noticeable. The song starts off sounding like an off-beat carnival with strong piano chords which, along with the too-true lyrics, make for a very catchy, easily relatable track.

Although all the songs on Mercury in Songbirds follow the same pattern, it’s hard to get bored thanks to Patrick Brealey’s alluring, fast-paced lyrics.

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