Spun: Peace

By Alicia Ward

When looking at the album jacket of Slow Children one sees a black and white illustration of the backsides of two (and one-half) gangly humans in the foreground, a lightning storm hitting the metropolis behind them. On the back side of the album cover, the red background and messily written titles in black betray a seeming hard-edged sound. With track names like “Fucked Weird” and “I Never Sleep,” it looks like a rougher fast-paced album. Upon listening, any expectations of punk rawk are thrown aside, so let the head bobbing pop begin.

Care thrown aside, Slow Children is an easily listenable, enjoyable disc. Tracks do, however, sound the same and blend together. The majority of the tracks start with concentrated guitar before picking up the pace into a mash of Brit-pop vocals, guitar chords and drums. “Saturday Night” breaks away from the indistinguishability distinguishing the rest of the album as an upbeat tune, more musically clear-cut than the rest of the disc. The lyrics follow the pattern of the rest of the album by remaining repetitive, confusing but still uniquely staccato.

Wondering what the metaphor behind the album cover is this disc may not be for you, but those with an alt-pop appreciation will be rocking to Peace’s Slow Children.

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