Spun: Rain Machine

By Olivia Brooks

TV on the Radio guitarist Kyp Malone’s new solo album Rain Machine takes listener’s ears on an otherworldly journey on the back of a tiger, his soulful voice romping through a menagerie of colourful images and emotions.

Rain Machine showcases Malone’s ability as a gifted lyricists, weaving intimate vocals through the layers of modern jazz, acoustic and electric sounds that perforate all songs.  Though not without its liveliness, “Give Blood” offers hipsters the chance to slip on their dancing shoes and rhythmically gyrate to the beat. The occasional howl in Malone’s voice lends to the tribal and roots-influenced beats interspersed in tracks like “Hold you Holy.” The instrumental motifs found throughout reach their zenith near the end of “Winter Song,” leaving listeners in a zen state of mind.

Overall Rain Machine delivers a new sound that will surely get fingers tapping to Malone’s rich voice and the kaleidoscopic range of instruments.

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