Vincent started, drove Dinos club rugby

By Vanessa Janzen

Dinos women’s rugby head coach Jenny Vincent, 41, passed away Jan. 24 after a brief battle with cancer. Vanessa Janzen was a fifth-year with the varsity team this past season.

I was honoured when asked to write some words about Jenny Vincent. I had only known Jenny for a few years but she without a doubt has made an impact on me. I first met Jenny three years ago when she came back to coach the Dinos club rugby team; the same team that Jenny had started at the university 10 years ago. With her return three years ago, not only did she bring a wealth of rugby knowledge and experience, but she brought a vision of what the team could be. She was determined to transition the club team into a University of Calgary varsity rugby team. While this goal seemed far away to us initially involved, with Jenny’s passion and love of rugby we were able to bring her vision into reality in just two years.

Jenny Vincent was a charismatic, positive and determined woman. Everyone who knew Jenny knows that she was competitive and loved to rise to a challenge; which you could see in every aspect of her life. Jenny played rugby through university and competed for the Canadian National Women’s squad. She brought these experiences and her love of the game to all that she touched through her coaching. She was a very knowledgeable coach and through my time with her I have learned a lot, for which I am grateful.

One memory that I will always hold of Jenny is of how hard she fought for our team and of her desire for us to succeed, both as a team and as individuals. Our season may not have ended the way we were all hoping, but I will never forget this inaugural women’s rugby season and Jenny’s love she shared with our team.

Jenny Vincent always wanted the best for our rugby team, which was evident from the moment I met her three years ago. She kept our spirits high throughout our season this year and years past and always tried to create new opportunities for every player. Jenny was positive and upbeat with every game we played, she was always able to see a positive side to any situation and never gave up on anything she loved. Since I have known Jenny she has helped our club team compete against varsity teams and then accomplished her dream for us to become a varsity team. She was a great coach to many players and always strived to create new opportunities for everyone. I was lucky to have been coached by such an amazing, confident and knowledgeable woman. I am very thankful for the opportunity Jenny created for me to play on the Dinos women’s rugby varsity team.

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