Spun: Joanna Newsom

By Jordan Fritz

Joanna Newsom is better than you are. You’re just going to have to accept that. Oh, and she’s also the most beautiful person alive. This follow-up to 2005’s Ys is an hour-and-a-half of harp-ful orchestrated folk wonder. Have One On Me is a triple album that doesn’t let up its timeless beauty for a moment. From the sultry first squeak of “Easy” Newsom takes you on a journey, expounding stories of innocent love and modern tales of chivalry and adventure.

Some may find Newsom’s girlish timbre difficult to handle, but perseverance will ultimutely reward. This is traditionally the part of a review where the album’s highlights are outlined, but every song is masterfully crafted and at no point will you feel the need to skip a song. With lengths ranging from the 10-minute ballad “Baby Birch” all the way down to the sub two-minute “On A Good Day,” Newsom flexes her song-writing muscle in a way that would intimidate Leonard Cohen.

Shivers will run down your spine, a smile will spread across your face and you might even be brought to tears. You owe it to yourself to take some time out of your largely pointless day to give this a few complete listens.

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