GSA president resigns from office

By Brent Constantin

On March 24, shortly after passing a referendum to leave the Canadian Federation of Students federal lobby group, Graduate Students’ Association president Veronique Dorais-Ram submitted her resignation to the General Representative Council.

GSA vice-president academic Dan Bidulock will serve as interim president until May 1, when the incoming president, James Lange, takes office.

In a prepared statement emailed to graduate students Bidulock said he understands that some might want answers but as Dorais-Ram tendered her resignation during a closed session of GRC, it remains confidential.

“I am not at liberty to disclose any specific details,” Bidulock said in the email. “All that can be said is this: the GSA’s Executive Board voted on a motion put forward by Veronique. As a result of that vote, Veronique felt that she could no longer serve in the position of president.”

The contents of that motion are now a point of contention within the GSA, with the interim president stating that the contents of Dorais-Ram’s report are “controversial” and currently under investigation.

“Steps are being taken by the GSA to investigate the matters alleged in [Dorais-Ram’s] report, and in particular the GSA is arranging for an audit of its financial records,” Bidulock said in a later e-mail to graduate students, dated Mar. 29. “At this time, there does not appear to be any reason for concern but the GSA Executive is determined to make the proper inquiry into whether there has been any wrongdoing.”

All parties involved declined further comment until the matter was resolved, citing liability concerns.

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