Spun: Soulfly

By Trenton Shaw

You’re sitting around the bonfire. The logs are crackling and the flames’ warmth is ever so soothing. Here come the hot dogs! You meticulously peal the plastic off your wiener and press your sharpened stick through the centre of the processed pork product. Your wiener slowly enters the fire, directly towards the glowing amber coals. You look around. Good thing nobody’s watching, because your going to burn this bitch on the outside leaving it raw on the inside due to some mild perversion you’ve had as long as you can remember. If you like it raw, then consider giving Soulfly’s newest album, Omen, a hard, thorough listening.

Max Cavalera brings the gnarly out on this one. Omen brings the thrash, a sound that takes the listener back to Cavalera’s earlier work with Sepultura. “Bloodbath & Beyond” includes a hook that ties in with contemporary culture — contrasted with the tribal nature of Soulfly’s music makes it an innovative listen. The guitar progressions, leads and pure cadence are so thrash it’s disgusting. This is clearly depicted in the track, “Vulture Culture.” Also, for all you progressive fans, Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan brings the gnarl throughout the standout track, “Rise of the Fallen.”

Omen is an intense, relentless and gruesome listen. If you are a fan of Cavalera, or old school thrash metal in general, this album will not disappoint. Who cares what the girls might think. Roll your windows down, turn your stereo up, blast this album and bring the thrash into the atmosphere.

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