Spun: Big Boi

The southern rap duo OutKast had a meteoric rise. Since the group was founded in 1990, Andre 3000 and Big Boi have conquered both hip-hop and pop with a string of number one hits. From the gritty “B.O.B.” to the soulful “Ms. Jackson,” the group has always been credited for their diversity.

Big Boi’s debut solo project, Sir Lucious Left Foot, continues this trend of success. Big Boi hits most of the usual subjects– the state of rap, current events, sex– but he largely avoids the obligatory references to drugs that have come to typify the genre. Big Boi is particularly focused on sex– a Pitchfork review states Big Boi comes off “sounding like a fired-up 11-year-old goofing off in the back of some sort of prodigy-level English class.” This is a pretty apt description of Big Boi’s antics and the weirdness peaks during the closing seconds to “General Patton,” where Big Rube describes a sex trick called the “David Blaine.” (Look it up, it’s funny).

Ultimately, the album is great. The production is on point, the guest spots are appropriate and compliment Big Boi’s flawless technique and his lyricism is sharp. Particularly strong are “Back Up Plan,” “The Train Part II,” “Shutterbugg,” and “Be Still,” which features up-and-comer Janelle Monae. Give it a chance.


..Andy Williams

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