Gauntlet’s Best 2010: Television

Amanda Hu (Resident Star Wards Camp Counselor)

1. Community
Arguably the best sitcom on TV right now, Dan Harmon and crew have revolutionized the genre homage with exceptional episodes like “Modern Warfare” and “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas.” It is one of the few shows that can take classic sitcom troupes and spin them on their heads in the most entertaining way.

2. Boardwalk Empire

3. Doctor Who

4. Fringe

5. Mad Men

Tristan Taylor (Part-time Office Troll)

1. Manswers
It’s the over-the-top, answer-all-of-your-secret-questions-you’ve-never-been-able-to-ask-your-professor-show. Have ever wondered how to avoid falling ill with food poisoning from your favorite greasy spoon diner? Don’t go. Dealing with issues ranging from men’s health, to frat boy day-dreams, this show will let you know what’s up. You can watch it on Spike daily.

2. Hockey Night In Canada

3. Sarah Palin’s Alaska

4. Walking Dead

5. Cash Cab

Andy Williams, (No longer Entertainment Editor)

1. Mad Men
The much-hyped period piece keeps on rolling, living up to its high expectations. Though the finale inspired a lot of surprise at Don’s rash decisions, the show built around a trendy Madison Avenue advertising company is as captivating as ever. It’s clear that the writer’s of Mad Men aren’t afraid to mix things up which prevents the show from becoming too mechanical or formulaic (I’m looking at you Dexter). The finale didn’t have the same weight as last years but there was enough closure to satisfy, and enough uncertainty to intrigue.

2. Eastbound and Down

3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

4. Community

5. Boardwalk Empire

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