Blind racist not colourblind to race

By Brent Constantin

Thirty-seven-year-old University of Calgary student Peter Willington hasn’t let his disabling blindness stand in the way of his dream of being a horrible bigot.

Born without sight in either eye, Willington has defied all odds to achieve the rank of vile and hateful supremacist to everyone he hears, smells or touches.

“It wasn’t easy getting where I am today in the world,” Willington said, feeling this interviewer’s face in an attempt to discern my ethnicity. “I really had the deck stacked against me.”

Though he has never seen the colour of his own skin, Willington is adamant in his belief that, whatever shade it is, it is superior to others’.

“I know they’re lazy and worthless,” Willington said in regards to a racial group he may in fact be a member of. “Always breathing heavily all over the place like the worthless animals they are.”

Despite a handicap that might have discouraged racists of a lesser caliber, Willington dreams of a world without those peoples he imagines are ruining the current one.

Overcoming hurdle after hurdle to get to his current position of friendless loner, Willington is convinced that there can be no co-existance between his own master-race and those of lesser lineage, whatever those people may look like.

“What you’re doing is disgusting!” Willington shouted at two buses he mistook for an interracial couple. “You’re a race traitor!”

Willington said one of the most difficult parts of his life is dealing with prejudice from other racists because of his disability.

“It’s tough to walk into a brotherhood meeting and hear people laughing at you because you’re different,” he explained, beginning to sob. “Sure, I’m different, I can’t see, but I can still feel. Can’t they look past the outside to see that we’re the same on the inside?”

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