Spun: Shad

By Andy Williams

For some bands, a gig like the iTunes Session is just a throwaway — a chance to play some stripped down acoustic versions of a few popular jams, do a cover or two and call it a wrap.

Shad, however, gives it his all. The release of his iTunes Sessions EP is one of his strongest to date and that’s saying something for a rapper with Juno and Polaris Prize nominations under his belt. 

The six song EP traverses every aspect of Shad’s career — from “The Old Prince Still Lives At Home” and “Rock 2.0 it” (a reimagining of When This is Over’s “Rock to it”) to “A Good Name.”br>

There is one notable exception — the inclusion of “The One in Front of the Garage,” which was previously released as an a previously released a capella. The song receives a wonderfully meandering beat that repeatedly changes direction as Shad consistently delivers the witticisms he’s made a name for. The song is a standout, not just on the disc, not just in Shad’s discography, but more broadly in hip-hop.

The album is fantastic and despite the fact that some of the songs overlap with previous Shad releases, it’s strong enough to be a must-have, stand-alone effort. Get it.

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