Changes to SUSB

By Riley Hill

The University of Calgary’s Students’ Union Sustainability Board has decided to change its direction this year to become more of a “working group,” according to SU vice-president operations and finance Patrick Straw.

Moving away from its traditional role of promoting sustainability through events, SUSB has decided to play a more proactive role, pursuing development of their own research and sustainable projects.

“[In the past] It has kind of been a mix between events and promotion. I want this group to be actually doing more sustainable projects,” said Straw.

SUSB plans on starting the year with updating the SU action plan, using their own research to make student life more sustainable. The board is still incomplete, and open to students who want to make a difference on campus.

SUSB is tasked with overseeing all environment policies implemented by the SU. They currently have a number of sustainable programs, including campus-wide recycling and compost bins.

“The SU prides itself on being an environmentally friendly and sustainable organization,” said Straw. “Anyone interested should definitely come and get involved.”

The board also manages the SUSB Sustainability Fund- $144,000 made available for student projects through the Quality Money program. Through agreements made between the university and Students’ Union, Quality Money funds programs like the SUSB Sustainability Fund to give students greater control over campus finances.

All U of C students can pitch an idea to SUSB, and have the opportunity to make changes on campus. The ideas are presented to SUSB, and the board decides which ideas get funding.

“We determine what projects will have the most potential for impact among students,” said Straw.

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