Spun: David Myles

By Pauline Anunciacion

The front cover of Into the Sun depicts David Myles in a smart tan suit against a dark gold background- an apt portrayal of classiness, charm and confidence. David Myles offers a fresh taste of folk with a hint of exoticism with a hip-hop spin and Jamaican soul.

Myles’s snazzy and sensual voice, heard especially on “Falling in Love,” coupled with myriad instrumental beats and soft guitar plucking, add to the soothing lazy ambience. Listening to “The Sea” transported me to a Hawaiian fantasy with margaritas, fine sand, shifting hula skirts and the sun smiling down on me.

The songs become too subdued after similar compositions that follow through consecutively and border on repetitive. Songs breeze on with melodies that sound alike, but nevertheless, the album saves itself with some perk-me-ups. With jazz trombone on “The Bottom” and Eastern music infusion and “Simple Pleasures (The Bonus Track Remix),” produced by Canadian hip-hop artist Classified, Myles proves that producing music across different genres is not only possible but can be done well.

Into the Sun balances at streches of easy-listening with interjections of jazz and hip-hop. This album shows that it’s a simple pleasure to unwind with David Myles.

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