Stör set to expand

By Erick Maleko

The University of Calgary’s local grocery mart, Stör, will soon see an expansion. After renovations, Stör is set to gain about 50 per cent more floor space, leaving room for healthier food options.

The decision to expand Stör resulted from the SU receiving student feedback indicating strong demand for a more diverse line-up of healthy food items.

“The students have said that they want a wider variety of healthy options in Stör ­– fresh food, the kind of things you’d find in a grocery store,” said SU vice-president operations and finance Patrick Straw. “Since there is really no other option on campus for those items, we think expanding and being able to offer those healthier choices will be nothing but a benefit for the welfare of the general school population.”

Stör offers reasonable prices and flexible hours in order to be student-friendly, he added.

“At the end of the day the reason for expanding the store is to be able to offer more options to students, not to increase our bottom line,” said Straw.

The expansion of Stör will allow students to purchase healthy, fresh items such as fruits and vegetables.

First-year Rundle resident Jennifer Hart is excited about the expansion.

“It sucks to walk 25 minutes to a nearby Safeway so you can get fruit,” she said.

First-year business student Stephany Carmona said Stör’s expansion will have a positive impact on her well-being.

“That’s good because I’m a student– that’s what I am looking for. I need healthy things so that I can be well-nourished and therefore more efficient when it comes time to study,” she said.

The plans for expansion are still on the drawing board, but the SU would like to see construction begin this year.

SU club space will be redesigned in order to make room for the expansion. The SU will be meeting with an architect and contractors to determine the cost of renovations.

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