High winds close down Kinesiology building

By Michael Grondin

Harsh winds rattled the University of Calgary campus on March 13, dislodging the roofing material on Kinesiology A and posing a hazard to pedestrians on the south and east sides of the building.

The south and east entrances of the building were closed, and work crews were called on site to eliminate the hazards. They will be working for the next few days to ensure Kinesiology A is safe for people walking by.

According to Campus Security director Lanny Fritz, the situation has stabilized and no one has been hurt. As of March 14 crews had finished.

“As a result of the potential hazard, we decided to cordon off that whole area to eliminate the potential for pedestrians to be hit by the metal roofing material and other debris from the building,” said Fritz. “The structure is intact, and inside the building we are back to business as usual.”

Fritz says the building is now safe for people to pass through, but anyone walking near the building must exercise caution.

“We want to secure all the insulation that has been exposed, and all of the other loose material up there. We don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

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