Report Cards 2011-12: Wrestling

Now that the University of Calgary Dinos have finished another season, it is time to reflect on the ups and downs of the nine teams that were in action over the winter semester — Pokémon themed, of course.

In the Canada West championship, both the men’s and women’s Dinos wrestling teams placed fourth. Dinos Holly Ellsworth-Clark and Erica Weibe took home gold medals in their weight categories.

In the CIS championship, the women finished in eighth place and the men finished in 11th. Weibe successfully defended her national title in the 72-kilogram weight category. Clark finished second in the 82-kilogram category. The best finish for the men was Spenser Burk, who finished third in the 65-kilogram category.

Grade: Machoke

Fun fact: Machoke are Pokemon of immense strength. In fact, they are so strong that they are able to lift a dump truck with one hand.

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