Letter: Horse races

By Doug James

Regarding Kurt Genest’s April 5 article “Horses, ponies, races and ridings,”

Danielle Smith and the Wildrose have rhetoric but no track record. Smith’s endorsement of the libertarian perspective should scare the heck out of anyone who can read (and chooses to) and think.

Alison Redford looks like the first intelligent PC leader we’ve had since Lougheed and she has a world-view — unlike previous premiers, or Danielle Smith. When your primary industry is based on world prices and world supply/demand, you need that world-view.

If you believe in democracy, rather than single-party rule, you won’t vote for either of the above. The major result that Alberta desperately needs from this election is a strong opposition. If you like the Evergreen Party, for example, you’re effectively voting for Danielle or Alison. Have a look at the Change Alberta website, and ‘just say no’ to more of the same, or even more of the same, but worse.

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