Time is running out to apply for the co-curricular record

By Michael Grondin

The co-curricular record, a document that helps students connect their engagement and involvement at the University of Calgary to their future endeavors, will soon be at a close for this year. The deadline to apply has been extended until 11:59 p.m. on May 4.

According to the Leadership and Student Engagement office’s manager Gareth McVicar, the CCR is an important tool for students to use after graduating because it enables them to have structured documentation along with a resume that outlines any experience, volunteer work or leadership qualifications they may have acquired while studying.

“Students specifically like to connect their experiences in their classes and with their engagement on campus to structured learning outcomes,” said McVicar. “If you look at the best practices in interviews today, one of the things that employers look for is for a student to have the ability to connect their experiences and knowledge, and give depth and content to interview answers.”

McVicar suggested that if a student has been involved in any way on campus — with clubs, the Students’ Union, athletics, tri-media and others — the CCR is an effective way to document their work and participation.

“If a student is really looking to differentiate their experience as a U of C student and has leadership, having the [CCR] is a great idea,” said McVicar. “It makes a stronger [job] applicant overall.”

To fill out the co-curricular record, students must go to leadership.ucalgary.ca

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