Black resigns from the BOG

By Riley Hill

On October 5, the University of Calgary’s Board of Governors chair Doug Black stepped down from his position. 

Black was a member of the BOG for the last five years. Black is likely first in line for a position in the Alberta 
Senate, a position that pays $132,300 a year.

The former chair received significant media attention after a quarterly audit revealed that he expended first-class business flights, liquor and five-star hotel rooms. His 18-month expenses were over $28,000. Black has since paid back the money in full. 

“I also want to make the university community aware that I have paid back the university all expenses that I incurred during my time as chair. I appreciate the public duty that comes with that position and I have learned a valuable lesson,” said Black in a U of C press release on October 5.

Since resigning from his post last week, Black has been replaced by former vice chair Bonnie 
DuPont, a long-time member of the BOG. DuPont has worked as a corporate executive with Enbridge and was the first woman to head the Calgary Petroleum Club. 

U of C President Elizabeth Cannon showed gratitude for Black’s time on the board in a U of C media release.

“The [U of C] is a better institution as a result of [Black’s] leadership and service,” said Cannon. 

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