Play review: Theatre Calgary’s Pride and Prejudice

By Victoria Parent

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the classic love story that has resonated for decades, is now being performed at Theatre Calgary. This adaptation, written by playwright Janet Munsil and directed by Dennis Garnhum, is a remarkable comedy of manners.
 The recurring theme of this play focuses on the development of character and the issues young… Continue reading Play review: Theatre Calgary’s Pride and Prejudice

Lean, mean Zine Machine

By Andréa Rojas

Write, draw, copy, fold and staple — what if getting published was as easy as an arts-and-crafts project? On bedroom floors and college campuses across the United States in the late ’80s and early ’90s, proponents of emerging queercore and riot grrrl movements found an effective communication tool in zine making. A ‘zine’ is an… Continue reading Lean, mean Zine Machine

U of C leads groundbreaking research

By Emily Ng

New clinical trials led by University of Calgary researchers find promising results in clinical trials using a drug that may reduce brain damage caused by strokes.
 The findings state that NA-1, a neuroprotectant drug, will help protect the human brain from damage caused by strokes.
 The research, Evaluating Neuroprotection in Aneurysm Coiling Therapy, was led… Continue reading U of C leads groundbreaking research

Raising awareness and reducing stigma

By Michael Grondin

The University of Calgary will host its first Mental Health Awareness Week from October 29 to November 2 to tackle mental health stigma, create discussion and raise awareness.
 Mental illnesses include depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder and bipolar disorder, among others. According to Statistics Canada, people aged 15–24 experience the highest incidence of mental illness.… Continue reading Raising awareness and reducing stigma

Campaign raises awareness about sexual assault

By Riley Hill

A group of University of 
Calgary students and the Women’s Resource Centre have begun working on a new Rape Awareness Campaign, an initiative that aims to start dialogue on campus about sexual assault. 
 The group had their first meeting on October 19 to outline the campaign’s direction and ideas. First-year communications student and campaign… Continue reading Campaign raises awareness about sexual assault

Genetically modified food labelling

By Tamara Cottle

For most of human history, the way we have eaten hasn’t changed much. Hunting and gathering has been the predominant food system employed for most of the 250,000 years of human existence. Agriculture came into practice roughly 10,000 years ago. Only 16 years ago, a new and revolutionary product started appearing on people’s plates. Unbeknownst… Continue reading Genetically modified food labelling